The part files will allow anyone anywhere to download and 3D print all the files for the P-001 and use it or help improve the design.

We want the design process to be collaborative and we invite all the bright minds to chip in with innovation to design the most robust and cost effective solution.

We welcome everyone to contribute for the sole purpose of helping community and for seeking the praise and acceptance of Allah.

These files are the latest updated models. Please note that the current design iteration is work in progress.

Download Files

We have provided files both in *.step and *.stl formats for people who want to 3D print and people who want to edit the files.

In addition to the part files you will also need Glass wires, Velcro and rubber bands.

All these items are available locally. We were able to source a roll of glass wires form a local optician and the rubber bands from any stationary store. When sourcing the rubber bands please ask for the best quality ones with most flexibility. Velcro can be sourced from any thread shop.